Puerto Princesa Underground River tour 
                        A World Heritage Site, this natural wonder features 8.2 kilometers of navigable Underground River, reputed to be the longest, that winds through the spectacular cave before emptying out to the South China Sea. Cathedral Chambers, wide hallways and interesting geological formations greet the wide- eyed visitor to the grotto hidden beneath the St. Paul Mountain.

Scuba Diving Lessons and Packages 
       Dive sites can also be found in the city. Ranging from five to forty-five minutes away from the beach, you can experience an underwater expedition you’ll never forget. One of the more famous dive sites in the city is called Red Cliff, and is located within Puerto Princesa Bay. Several coral colonies and reef fishes can be found in this site, as well as several marine creations such as manta rays, turtles, whale sharks, and hammerhead sharks. You can even experience swimming along with these animals on your visit.

Puerto Princesa dive sites are located 5 to 45 minutes away by speedboat inside Puerto Princesa Bay. The closest dive sites are White Beach and Red Cliff, both located inside Puerto Princesa Bay. These are preferred sites for open water training dives as they offer slopes and walls that begin 20 feet (7 meters) from the surface. Colorful reef fish are common and various coral colonies can be observed in one dive. Turtles and rays are usually seen amongst soft corals and sandy portions of the site. We offer Discover Scuba diving lessons for those who are interested to dive without paying for a full course.

Dos Palmas Arreceffi Island Resort Day Tour with Buffet Lunch  
                          With a total land area of 20 hectares, this resort is nestled in the tropical waters of Honda Bay, northeast from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A quiet hideaway amidst pristine natural surroundings in the Philippines’ last frontier, it offers comfortable and modern facilities while providing you with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of nature. 

Batak Tribes Trekking   
          The Batak Tribes is a 2-hour drive from Puerto Princesa City. From there, we trek 2.5 hours to the Batak Tribe. Lunch will be served at riverside of the rainforest. Snorkelling and fish feeding are possible at Pambato Reef- Snake Island.

Dip into the waters of Pambato Reef, which is just a few minutes away from Sta. Lourdes Wharf. Like a small Tubbataha Reef, another World Heritage Site found in the neigh boring Sulu Sea, Pambato is home to a huge marine sanctuary within Honda Bay. Coral reefs can be found as close as five feet from the surface to as deep as 20 feet, creating stunning underwater vistas for both diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

                                                 Mt. Cleopatra Climb 

 Go on a camping expedition up the highest peak in Puerto Princesa. This climb is dependent on weather conditions, so inquire with us first.

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